When Chiyaan Vikram impressed Arnold Schwarzenegger !

It's already known that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the chief guest of Ai's audio launch, Now the latest is that Producer Aascar Ravichandran has revealed how impressed Arnold was with Chiyaan Vikram. Arnold had recently hosted a dinner for Ramesh Babu, brother of Aascar Ravichandran in Los Angeles. 

"During their dinner, my brother had shown footage from Ai to Arnold , and the actor had remarked that the visuals looked like they were from a Hollywood film. He was especially impressed with the video showing Vikram's efforts to transform himself for the character. Being a champion body builder himself, Arnold was impressed by how Vikram could manage to put on a weight of 120kg and later bring it down drastically to weigh a mere 50kg for this role." said Ravichandran.


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