Karthi Does it first time in Kollywood

Director Rajesh's All in Azhagu Raja starring Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal, Prabhu and Santhanam is fast progressing. According the movie story there is a flashback scene for Prabhu which goes back to his youth days. Initially the team thought of making Prabhu do the flashback scenes but when they conducted the make-up test, Prabhu's huge built made it very difficult to get the young look.
So they brought in many people and tested them for the get-up but nothing seemed to have worked out. It was this juncture that Director Rajesh came up with the idea of casting Karthi as the young prabhu. Karthi plays the son of Prabhu in the movie and director knowing that most of the sons resemble their father has cast Karthi to play the young prabhu role.
In development Karthi is currently watching movies that Prabhu had acted while he was young, In Order to learn his mannerisms. This duo-role by Karthi would be definitely be something new in Kollywood.


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