Yet another Complaint against Thalaivaa Producer

Director Ramesh Selvan of Ulvu Thurai and Jananam fame, recently directed a film titled Kalavaram starring Sathyaraj in main lead. The Director has filed a petition in which he has accused Thalaivaa producer Chandraprakash Jain of stalling his movie Kalavaram.
Here is the petition 

"I have directed a movie Kalavaram starring Sathyaraj, The movie is produced by my friend Ravichandran. After seeing the promotions for our movie, Chandraprakash Jai who produced Thalaivaa called us two weeks back and spoke to us. He said he would get a solution to the issue regarding Thalaivaa release soon and he said if we release our movie Kalavaram then Thalaivaa movie would not get enough theatres  and promised us to purchase our movie for 2.25 crores and asked us to prepare an agreement.
As per his promise, we approached him yesterday (Sunday 27th) with the agreement, But Chandraprakash Jain refused to meet us, Ill treated us and threatened that he would kill us. Since our movie has not yet been released, we incurred severe loss. So I and producer Ravichandran do not have any alternative other than to commit suicide. So Police should intervene and provide us security and Police should initiate against Chandraprakash Jain."


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