No Takers for STR Movie ?

STR one of the biggest stars of Kollywood has been in sort of downward slide after back to back flops like Osthi and Poda Podi. His two movies Vaalu and Vettai Mannan has also been making for years now. Though the shooting schedule of Vaalu has been finally wrapped up, Vettai Mannan is just 50 % completed.
Meanwhile STR has signed up a new project with Director Pandiraj which will be produced by STR himself. Although he has volunteered to produce the movie, STR has been kinda very conscious about spending from his pocket.
Reports have that STR is going about putting on airs stating there is a tremendous market for his movies and that his movies would easily be marketed for 40 Crores and Hence the movie rights could be sold to TV Channels and then the movie can be produced with the amount received.
As per STR's idea the makers had forwarded an invitation to distributors, but unfortunately not one distributors seems to have come forward to buy the Distribution rights of the movies. 


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