Big Trouble for Venkat Prabhu

Even since Venkat Prabhu began Biriyani with Karthi, reports of misunderstanding between the duo have been prominent feature. It's a well known fact that Venkat Prabhu wanted Biriyani to be a Diwali release and hence had the audio launch in the month of August. But reports had it that Karthi was unhappy with certain scenes in the movie and wanted to re-shoot them, The Director however was in no mood to compromise on the movie and hence refused it. Karthi's home production Studio Green then intervened and put Biriyani on hold, and instead chose All in All Azhagu Raja as their diwali release. This preference angered Venkat Prabhu even more and Biriyani was delayed by 4 months and pushed to a Pongal release.
Now another buzz is that Venkat Prabhu has already started works for another film with another production company. But Studio Green have once again intervened and asked him as to how he can direct another film for another banner when he was in contract to direct one more film for Studio Green. Watch this space for more updates.


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