Nayanthara hits out against Nazriya Nazim

Right from the early days of Nazriya's film career she was  hyped and dubbed as the next Nayanthara and Kutty Nayanthara by some. With Nazriya success, the reputation and comparison grew stronger. Reports of Nazriya bagging projects initially scheduled for Nayanthara also started going viral which made the latter kinda jealous. However at a stage where Nazriya's career was absolutely blooming came the Naiyandi Controversy which has a had a huge backlash on her career.
Nayanthara who worked with Nazriya in Raja Rani has picked the right moment to sort of lash out against the comparison, The actress was quizzed upon the Naiyaandi recently and she said "Cinema is Glamour, If an actress does not want to show glamour, then she shouldn't be a actress then, People part of Film industry should not make an issue of such silly things as today even A-list actress show skin and do item numbers."


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