Yes I and STR are Entire Contrast to each other - Dhanush

National Award Winning Actor, our Kolaveri Star Dhanush recently appeared on chat show in a leading Tv Channel where he shed some light on much speculated relationship between him and STR.
Dhanush and STR's have had quite a history in terms of rumors and disputes, but Dhanush said Contrary to what is being said and reported, we both are actually close friends.
"I and my most controversial friend STR are indeed different on many issues there are just so so many things that we are different from, While i like to do things in a hurry, STR is patient and approaches things in a methodical manner. But we both share Kumbha Rashi-Sadhaya Natchathiram and are not easily understood by outsiders. I think STR is actually 2 years or one year and half younger than me".
"It's true that many people within the industry are unhappy that i share friendship with STR, some have even advised me directly to stay away from him, I only feel that they lack maturity but we both least bother about what others think. The press created a huge wedge between us during those times when we rarely interacted with each other till few years back they made us a rival of sorts. But we never had any personal issues or problems between us and it was only when we accidentally met at a function that we realized that we actually had nothing against each other despite the professional competition that exists".
"I still don't know why some are disturbed by our friendship, we don't speak or think ill of others, We have perfect understanding with each other and i think it's a good thing and i and Simbu were actually able to meet and get to know each other and solve this unnecessary differences created by these unknown people and i hope it continues in the same way in the days to come".


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