Huge Controversy as Director Refuses to Accept Surya's Request

As SS Music earlier reported http://ssmusictheblog.blogspot.in/2013/10/surya-wants-saravanan-engira-surya.html Saravanan Engira Surya is an upcoming comedy movie directed by Raja Subbaiah. The film story is supposedly about a man whose wish is to be as charming as actor Surya. The movie shooting has been entirely wrapped up and makers are targeting a suitable release date. The makers were faced with a huge problem as Actor Surya revealed that he wasn't happy with the title of the movie and has hence requested the makers to change the title. The Director has come out and defended why he has rejected Surya's request  "The title aptly fits the story.We have created the scenes and dialogues keeping this title concept in mind. We have spent much of our time, money and energy working on this script, and creating publicity. Changing the title will mean that all these will go to waste".

Meanwhile, Actor Surya's spokesperson has called it just a tactic to gain publicity, He said "Our concern is that people will associate such a title with Suriya. We have filed an objection with the Nadigar Sangam, and they have taken it with the producers' guild,where the title has been registered. We do not know the film's content, so we cannot say whether we are okay with that or not. Right now, our objection is only to the title as it directly refers to actor Suriya. This is just a tactic to gain publicity by using Suriya's name."


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