Siva Karthikeyan puts an end to this Rumor

Kollywood was buzzing this week of a talk that Siva Karthikeyan refused to sign on the dotted line for Udhayanidhi starrer due to numeration clash. Reports added that the fast rising star demanded he be paid 4 crores, whereas Udhayanidhi was only willing to pay him 2 crores and Siva had refused the offer entirely
However the smart witted Siva Karthikeyan has immediately come out and ended this rumor by stating that 
"I'm working on Maan Karate, and I will also be doing two more films next. So, I've decided to not to sign on several projects at one go. Also, I was not approached for a film by Udhayanidhi Stalin; he knows me well and there's no way I would decline his offer just based on remuneration."


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