Karthi's All in All Azhagu Raja Facing a Ban

Karthi's All in All Azhagu Raja which is currently involved in a triple threat for Diwali Dominance alongside Thala's Arrambam and Vishal's Pandinadu could be facing a ban. The anti-tobacco lobby are currently very unhappy with the teaser of the film and the Tamil Nadu People's forum for Tobacco Control (TNP FTC) are approaching the the health secretary to issue a ban on the teaser in which Santhanam imitates the anti-tobacco video.
Director Rajesh in a recent interview to Times of India said  "We had no apprehensions while filming the teaser as it has nothing against the anti-tobacco awareness video. In the sequence, when Karthi asks for cigarettes, Santhanam reminds him of the video in a comic manner. Karthi finally declines to smoke. This teaser was approved by the censor board. So if we need to ban it or remove the scene from the film, we have to discuss it with the board again. Our intention was not to hurt anybody in the first place."
In regard to if the scene will be removed from the film, The director said  "I will meet the producer and censor board members to discuss this issue and then take a call." 


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