Nayanthara is my lucky Charm - Arya

Actor Arya's Raja Rani is the biggest blockbuster of his career till date, the actor in a recent interview opened up on the controversial wedding invitation which was used to promote the movie and his alleged link-up with Nayanthara.

On the Wedding invite :
 "I really appreciate Nayan for agreeing to go ahead with the promotional campaign. It's not easy for an actress to do that openly, and I really admire her for it,It was done with our consent.
Naturally, the campaign created ripples, The 'wedding invitation' certainly stunned everyone.The media started asking me about my impending marriage with Nayan and I had to clarify it was just a campaign. I'm happy with the buzz it created." 

On Raja Rani and pairing up with Nayanthara : 
"It's the biggest hit of my career. The script has universal appeal and the emotional content is strong. It's very relatable.When I heard the script of Raja Rani, I thought she fits the bill perfectly and it would be a great comeback for the both of us. I'm lucky to have her as my leading lady, she's my lucky charm".

Regarding the several rumors linking him with Nayanthara :
"Such gossip is part of our career and there's nothing as such between Nayan and me."


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