Priyamani Answers on her Pregnancy !

Actress Priyamani is currently very unhappy these days, The offers are really drying up and even worse the actress has been subjected to pregnancy rumors. Rumors mills have it that Priya Mani pregnancy was the result of her secret marriage with a producer few months back.

However,  Priyamani has decided to put an end to such gossip and categorically stated that  she is not pregnant, and that she is not involved with any producer. She also pointed out that she doesn't need movies like this, and she is talented enough to get movies on her own merit.

“I have learnt to neglect the rumors all these years; still, rumors of pregnancy are too much about an actress who hasn't even got married, , I am working on big projects and my career is not bad now so please don't spoil it by your silly rumors.” Priya mani  replied.


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