The Reason why Manisha Yadav was shockingly dumped from Idam Porul Eval

It was earlier reported that Manisha Yadav of Vazhakku Enn 18/9 fame has been roped as the female lead to Vijay Sethupathy in Idam Porul Eval. Now after shooting for a couple of days, the actress has been dumped from the film.
Manisha who was angered by this sudden decision has filed a complaint with Nadigar Sangam seeking compensation. Manisha's mother had this to say to  The Times of India regarding the incident

 "We don't know the real reason behind her removal from the film. She is very upset with this development.We are going to file a complaint with the association, seeking for compensation. She had received very good film offers from Hyderabad, but she missed all of them because of this film. She wanted to do this film only for the production house and her character, not for the money they offered. It's unfair that she has been thrown out of a film for no reason.
So, what went wrong? "The shooting for the film started on March 3, but we went to Kodaikanal only a few days ago. After an on-the-set look test one day, she shot for half an hour the next day. She was given lengthy dialogues in rural Tamil, and she managed to deliver most of it right, except for one or two lines. The next day, the production manager asked us to stay at our hotel room until her shot was ready. But at noon, he called up and said that he's coming with two tickets to Bangalore.We were shocked, and asked for a reason. He told us that Manisha didn't suit the character, and that she wasn't able to deliver the dialogues well. How can a non-Tamil actress get all the lines in rural Tamil right the first time? Any heroine would struggle with these lines. Also, Manisha had auditioned for her role thrice, and had even done look tests before signing the film!" she recalls, and adds, "The director later offered her the role of the second heroine, the one who is paired opposite Vishnu Vishal, but we declined it because we only signed to be paired opposite Vijay Sethupathi only. The director can't sign anyone else for that role because we still have the agreement." 

The director of the movie Seenu Ramasamy had this to say  "I had screen-tested her with a different look and her appearance looked sophisticated in the actual get-up during the shooting. So, I decided to offer her the other role in the interest of the film. Contrary to rumours, I still think of her as a talented actress and have no doubts on her performing abilities."


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