Top 5 Sexiest Youth Actors in India are ?

Star India conducted a recent survey to find out the Top 5 Sexiest Youth Actors in India, Here are the top 5 according to results from that nation-wide survey.

Top 5 Sexiest Youth Actors in India:

1. Ranbir Kapoor: The casanova of Bollywood and a brilliant actor who's enroute to being the Next Bollywood Baadshah.  His choice of films, fan following and success rate are all a huge plus.

2. Shahid Kapoor: Good Looks, Brilliant Dancer and Acting Skills are his plus points. Choice of films and poor success rate are his biggest minus points.

3. Ranveer Singh: With no Godfather, He has come a long way in the Industry. Prefers films rich in content with enough scope to perform. 

4. Varun Dhawan: The son of Bollywood noted filmmaker David Dhawan who shot to fame with 'Student Of The Year'. Ease of acting, youthful looks are his plus points.

5. Ram Charan: The Tollywood actor with highest success rate has failed to make a name for himself with his maiden Bollywood flick Zanjeer. Nevertheless, Featuring in the Top 5 Sexiest Youth Actors in India itself is a big achievement !


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