Two actors in One sided love with Anushka Shetty ?

Gossips 22/03/2014
Actress Anushka Shetty is one of the most beautiful heroine out there in the south indian industry, The actress has not only got her fans going week in the knees but apparently several Tollywood heros have also been affected by our actress stunning looks. The buzz in Tollywood is that Rana Daggubati is said to be in head over heels in love with Anushka but interestingly the actor can't muster up the guts to confess this to her. 'What if she cuts off ties with me,' he confessed to a friend close to the duo, expressing a typical filmy dilemma. 

Actor Arya is also rumored to be hopelessly in love with Anushka to the extent that he's willing to leave the Tamil film industry and move to Tollywood bag and baggage, if it means he can be closer to her more often. But to all her admirers chagrin, Anushka keeps them all at a safe distance and treats them all like "good friends".


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