Hansika Responds to STR's Press Release on the Break-Up

STR and Hansika who sent shockwaves across the industry by making a public confession of their relationship once again made the heads turn a few weeks back when STR issued a press statement explaining his break up with Hansika.

STR said "I had gone through enough in this relationship, and after much thought invested into this, I hereby declare that I am single now, and I have nothing to do whatsoever with Hansika, and it is all the story of the past. I don't regret the past nor am Im in a mood to discuss over the facts which had forced me to this decision. This announcement is also made only to give clarity to my friends, associates and my fans over my status. As of now, I am concentrating on my career and needless to say I am happy and relieved too !!!"

Hansika Motwani in a recent interview was asked to respond on the break up and the press release, Hansika simply said  “STR equals No Comments ... However, to put it politely, I have nothing to say about it from my end ” Hansika went on add that she hasn't shot for any song yet in Vaalu, in which she will be sharing the screenspace with STR.


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