Vishal Explains the reason for Vijay's Success

Vishal has time and again stated the fact that he is a huge fan of Ilayathalapathy Vijay, In a recent media interaction he also revealed that Vijay was his first choice actor for his directorial debut. The sandakozhi of Kollywood in a recent interaction said Today Vijay is a big star but there was a time when a magazine reported that why should one pay to see Vijay's face on screen ? Vishal explained saying "Vijay answered those criticisms through his movie and his silence is a great inspiration for me".

Vishal went to confess saying he too had to face the same situation when a produced asked him why should i produce a film with a face of yours ? and it was that point of time that he decided he had to prove himself to the outside world. Vishal concluded saying he grew up a hero watching Vijay movie and hence he could only think of scripts featuring Vijay in various roles.


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