When Santhanam got Punched in his Face

Comedy Superstar Santhanam is turning into a full fledged hero with Vallavanukku Pullum Ayudham. The actor in a recent interview opened up on being the Hero of the film and the different experiences "We were filming a sequence in Kumbakonam, which required me to deliver water cans to houses. Instead of giving me dummy cans, the over enthusiastic art department tied several containers that were brimming with water. We were in a hurry to finish the sequence before crowd started gathering, and I started cycling at full speed. Only after the front tyre lifted up in the air and I almost did a wheelie that I realized I was wheezing badly. I had to ask the spot boys to hold the cycle so I don't embarrass myself by falling down."

On a funny note, he added, "Though I'm good with comic timing, this is the first time I actually had to concentrate on 'action timing' as well. Vaayila punch adichu pazhakkam, but first time moonjila punch vaangirukken."


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