Ajith or Vijay who is the next Superstar ? K.S Ravikumar clarifies !

A fake account of K.S Ravikumar had earlier tweeted that  "If anyone deserves it according to my conscience. A man who has the potential to reach there is #UltimateStar”. Numerous movie portals without checking whether it was K.S Ravikumar's original account posted this news. The director who came across this has clarified on the burning issue in his verified facebook account. Here is what the director had to post 

Currently faced with quite a concern since few days. Of in numerous fake profiles in social media, one in particular has been posing as me and tweeting & making statements that has caused quite a flutter.

I don’t know why I’ve been imitated. Sure, I have a reasonably successful account here on Facebook. 

I'm well known and respected in the industry and I’ve even been many a times honored by being asked to give an opinion on various issues and situations. But I’m certainly not the one who can decide on the next superstar. 

In fact I am no one to choose or decide who is the next super star other than fans who follow their respective idols. 

Who am I to judge Vijay or Ajith. I have always enjoyed and appreciated their work but I cannot comment anything especially about who the next Super Star is.


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