Suriya's one condition to act with Jyothika again ?

Over the past few months, a rumor that Jyothika is making a comeback to silver screen has been flooding the internet, Actor Suriya opened up in a recent interview on this regard and said If Jyothika finds a proper script she will definitely make a comeback.  Suriya went on clarify that so far she hasn't found any such script.

There were also rumors that Suriya might pair up with Jyothika once again for a Pandiraj film, The real life couple have already shared screen space in 7 movies, Suriya said they will act together if there's enough scope for both of them and the possiblity of this is very high indeed, Suriya however went on to lay one condition for this to happen, He said the directors should not demand a bulk call sheet like 100 + days from Jo because she can't stay away from her kids for more than 2-3 hours.

From Suriya's interview it's clearly evident that Jyothika will indeed make a comeback and the question now is not 'if 'but 'When' ? 


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