Shruti Haasan & Tamanna's cold war is over ?

Leading dailies and numerous magazine for months have reported that there was a huge cold war between Tamanna and Shruti Haasan. There was even earlier reports that both the actress criticized each other openly with the media. And reports got worse when Tamanna was replaced with Shruti Haasan in Harish Shankar's Ramayya Vastavayya and for another Bollywood movie.

Things got more heated up when Tamanna replaced Shruti Haasan in Aagadu, According to reports Tamanna was signed up to play the second lead while Shruti Haasan would play the main female lead in the film, But Shruti Haasan decided to quit the movie citing lack of dates in order to avoid acting with Tamanna.

With reports as such flooding the Tollywood, It was a total surprise to see Shruti Haasan and Tamanna get together and pose for shutterbugs, Tamanna also went on to share this photograph in her facebook page and posted this "The very beautiful shruti Hassan !!!! Was so good to catch up at #filmfaresouth#awards in chennai".


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