What does Suriya have to say about Negative response to Anjaan ?

Suriya's Anjaan was one the year most expected movie, from the time Suriya's look was revealed to the teasers and trailers fans were hyped up to catch the film, But after the film's release negative reviews have absolutely flooded the internet and the film did not manage to get a rating of more than 3 in any leading film portal. Now in a recent interview to Times of India, Suriya himself was quizzed on what he thought of this negative response, here are the excerpts from the Interview 

What sort of feedback have you got?

Sikandar is a breezy entertainer targeted at youth. The film has got a huge opening. The numbers indicate the opening collections are twice as big as that of Singham 2 and I've been flooded with messages like 'awesome entertainer', 'loved it', 'a massy entertainer', etc. Overseas too, it has got a great opening, so there is a lot of positive vibe about it. But at the same time, there are those who are saying 'It's not like Ghajini', and I'm like 'Man, I did not say it's a Ghajini'. Every film has an idea of its own and can't be a Ghajini.

The film's got some scathing reviews online.

Right through our promotions, we projected Sikandar (Anjaan's Telugu Version) as a light-hearted entertainer. It's not something like a Seventh Sense, Brothers or a Singham and nor is it an experimental film laden with heavy emotion. If you say Dabangg doesn't have a strong storyline and has no substance, I don't know what to say to that. We have a lot of short filmmakers who flood micro blogging sites with opinions about how the screenplay should have been better and how perhaps the film needed a flashback episode, etc.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. But as an actor, I try to fit in a sensibility that reaches out to newer pockets of audiences. For example, when Singham released, the A centre audience felt was that it was too rustic. Guess every time I attempt a minor sensibility change, it is bound to create such reactions. Ultimately, it all boils down to the box office collections.

The jokes must be difficult to digest?

Not really... I don't know how many people are there on Twitter and what difference it makes... I really don't have much to say about them. I've always been reserved by nature and don't like to talk much. Also, I don't have any strong opinions to make about each and everything. So, I choose to stay away from the micro-blogging universe.


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