Dhanush Accepts That Hansika Was Right about STR

Dhanush and STR may have broken the ice regarding their rivalry but they still remain very much a competition to each other. In a recent interview Dhanush Spoke about his Rivalry with STR, Here's what he had to say 
 “What rivalry could we both possibly have? We both are actors, but our approaches and destinations are entirely different. Competitors must be alike. We, in no way are alike. ,It’s a funny place we are working in. So many people say so many things. At one point, you fall for their lie,We both understood that the misunderstanding was primarily because of our lack of interactions in the past. So we spoke and understood that all the misunderstandings were based on lies we were forced to believe.”
 Dhanush also addressed the so called war of Dialogues between STR and Him and confessed that the dialogue in Vaalu 
 “Oru sila pasangala paarkka paarkka dhaan pidikkum. Aana, unna maari pasangala paatha odane pidikkum”
Was very much true, He added What Hansika said was absolutely true and yes STR is a very handsome man, But for guys like me yes "Engalalam Parka Parka dhan Pudikkum".


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