Samantha Says She Misses Siddarth !!

After several rumors and denials one kollywood couple(STR and Hansika) have finally admitted their love for each other and had even confirmed their Marriage plans http://ssmusictheblog.blogspot.in/2013/07/breaking-now-str-and-hansika-confess.html
Which leaves another famous couple, Samantha and Siddarth
Their love story has also been hotly debated and discussed across all social media and there have been several instances which have hinted that Samantha and Siddarth are indeed a couple.
Here is yet another Twitter Conservation which points out the obvious.
In yesterday's Filmfare awards Samantha dazzled the show by bagging the Best Actress Awards for both Tamil and Telugu Category. Here is what Siddarth had to tweet on this and check out Samantha's reply.


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