When Hari Wanted Vijay to be the Singam

Not many people would be aware that Director Hari's first choice for his Blockbuster Singam was Ilayathalapathy Vijay , But things didn't work and Surya has now very much made that franchise is very own.
Kollywood is yet again buzzing with the prospect of Director Hari and Ilayathalapathy Vijay working together for new project. Sources add that both the actor and director have held discussions and have even confirmed that the talks are going on indeed.
Ilayathalapathy's Mass Appeal and Hari's lightning paced screenplay would definitely be a deadly duo. An official announcement regarding this project can be expected in the mid of August.


  1. Vijay can never do Singam as Suria did....the highlight of the movie is Suria's high voltage screen presence n mass punch dialogues....can Vijay ever do it any better than Suria???never,,,


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