Samantha Ruth Prabhu Says Yes She did Miss Siddarth

Samantha Ruth Prabhu proved her acting prowess when she bagged the Double Filmfare Awards for Best Actress Category in both Tamil and Telugu. In a recent Interview to the Times of India, The pretty lady opened up more on her Career and the much rumoured Love Life with Siddharth.
Here are some excerpts from the Interview..

When you were working on NEP and Eega, did you think they would fetch you awards?
I don't work for awards. I work on a project only if I find the script interesting. These films pushed me. I was excited that way because I love being pushed out of my comfort zone and try out something new. When I went home every day after shooting for these films, I had a sense of satisfaction that I've done something that required me to challenge myself.

So, what do awards mean to you?
I've always taken my job very seriously. I know that one bad performance, one mistake and I will be sent home. I don't work thinking that I've delivered hits in the past. I always work with the fear of future in my mind. Awards don't change my attitude towards work. For me, they are a source of encouragement. A film that you've worked really hard on might not do well at the box office. But if it gets appreciated, you will feel encouraged to take risks.

This is the second award you've received for a Gautham Menon film. What did he and Rajamouli have to say to you?
Gautham Menon was very happy for me. He believes that I've arrived as an actress only with NEP, and that's the biggest compliment. We both agree that I was very raw in Ye Maya Chesave and that I had a lot to learn. I know I didn't do my best in that film. But in NEP, he could see a lot of change in me; I would get things instantly.And working with Rajamouli was a different experience altogether. He's a taskmaster. When he okays a shot, you know you've done something right.

Looks like you missed Siddharth during the awards night. You tweeted saying you wished he was there...
Why don't people see the tweets (with hugs and kisses) I send to others as well? Everyone only sees what I write to Siddharth and read between the lines! I'm a very affectionate person and always say 'hugs and kisses' to everyone. I don't have anything to hide; it's out for everyone to see. He's one of my very close friends and I do wish he was there at the awards night. My family and friends were there. He was the only one missing.

Your 2013 calendar seems to be full of films in Telugu...
Yes, but by the end of the year, I will start working on Tamil films more and Telugu films might probably take the backseat. After the film with Suriya, I've signed one more in Tamil. But, I don't talk about my films until I start shooting for them.


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