How did STR and Hansika Fall in Love ?

STR and Hansika may have confessed that they are in relationship, but this confession has only started off some news question overs the couple's love life. Questions of how did STR and Hansika fall in love and when will they get married are all the social media sites.
This article hopes to answer the 2 million dollar questions 

So how Did STR and Hansika Fall in Love ?

When Hansika got a offer to Star alongside STR in Vaalu she was a bit skeptic after STR-Nayanthara episode was pointed out by her friends. However Hansika did sign up for Vaalu and also maintained a distance from STR during the shoots. Once the shooting was over, Hansika seemed to confine herself within her caravan. But after a while Hansika was impressed with STR's show of respect towards her and started developing a friendship of sorts with him. There were even some clashes between STR and Hansika whilst shooting, but the bond of friendship slowly blossomed into love between the both. 
Initially, Both of their parents did not approve of their relationship, STR's family upon hearing his relationship with a actress immediately sought out an alliance for Simbu from Vellore. That's when STR publicly admitted that yes he was indeed in love with an actress and she was a newcomer to the industry.
Hansika's Mother Mona Motwani also did not approve for her daughter's relationship because she thought this would seriously deteriorate the rising career of Hansika and wanted her daughter to concentrate more on her career. 
In time, Both STR and Hansika's family seems to have given approval to the couple's marriage. TR gave the green light to STR-Hansika's Love in interview but stated that his son's marriage would take place only after the marriage of his Daughter Ilakiya. Following the consent from the family member, The couple finally announced their love in their respective twitter accounts.

When Will STR and Hansika Marry ?

This is where a difference of opinion rests within the couple themselves. STR in a recent interview revealed that He would be marrying Hansika with the consent of his parents and start over a new life in 2014 by marrying and leading a martial life like his Thala Ajith and Shalini.
However Hansika Motwani in her recent interview revealed a contrasting statement, She said that Work is her prime focus at the moment and marriage can wait. She confidently added that Wedding wasn't on the cards for the next 5 years.


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