The Official Story of Kochadaiyaan Revealed

After the aftermath of the Kochadaiyaan's Film Producer confirming Kochadaiyaan release this year. The story of Superstar movie was revealed in a Daily today which was also confirmed by the Director Soundarya Rajinikanth.

"Father Rajinikanth rules a country which prospers under his generous rule, He shares all the country's wealth for the people. However a group of Royals under the King, Revolt against him using dirty tactics throw King Rajinikanth out of the country and steal his Kingship. That's when Son Rajinikanth is born who under the training of his Father excels far more and forms a small group in the forest in hiding.The small group under the rule of Son Rajinikanth revolt against the traitors and look to win back the country. This forms the core of the Kochadaiyaan story."
The scenes of Rajnikant battling a Shark is believed to match the Hollywood standards of Tintin and Avatar. Director K.S Ravikumar recently revealed that Rajinikanth was all praises after seeing the finished product of Kochadaiyaan but he did not want to make it public because his daughter was the Director of the movie.


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