Surya- Linguswamy Project Dropped ?

Gossips : Is Surya-Linguswamy Project Dropped ?  23/07/2013

Fans the latest buzz going around Kollywood is that Surya-Linguswamy project has been dropped. The storyline of the movie was leaked on the net few days ago which had it that Surya would be playing the role of doctor and after being frustrated with the mishappenings in the society would become a IPS officer and solve those issues. 
However Director Seeman filed a complaint at the Director's Union that Linguswamy had stolen this story from him. Seeman added this was the story of his Pagalvan movie which was written for Ilayathalapathy Vijay who dropped out after his unavailability of Call sheets and Jayam Ravi was signed up instead.
Following this accusation, Linguswamy is reported to have made some changes in the story but unfortunately Surya wasn't satisfied with the modified story and hence the movie has been dropped.


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