Prabhu Deva Finally Reveals the reason why he broke up with Nayanthara

Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara's love story which then transpired into Marriage and Divorce has to be one of the most talked about and debated topic in Kollywood. In a recent interview Prabhu Deva finally revealed the reason why he and Nayanthara broke up.

Here are some excerpts from Prabhu Deva's Interview at Hyderabad.

You have divorced your wife Ramlath. How is your relationship with her now?
I do not desire speaking about that. I am maintaining contact with my children.

 Did difference of opinion between you and Ramlath arise following son's death ?
 My son's death was a devastating loss. I do not desire speaking about anything else.I am meeting my two other sons frequently.When there is no movie shooting, I take them to Mumbai and keep them with me. Also, I take them to places abroad.

Both you and Nayanthara romanced,Who among you both confessed love first? 
It is unnecessary to speak about that now

What was the reason for severing of ties with Nayanthara?
That was a decision taken by God. When what we desire happens, we are happy. When something we desire does not materialize, we leave it to God. The decision was taken by God. The reason is that I believe in God. What happened was for good. There is no meaning in being obsessed about what has happened.

Would you marry again?
 People I come across ask me about my marriage. I feel that it is out of concern. Now, my thought is only on professional work for now as i work hours together daily

What is your opinion about romance in your present state of mind?
I respect love and I respect marriage.


  1. they both got what they deserv.. they are not deserving more.. god was so right.. he gave nayanthara to beauty not intelligence. but for prebhudeva.. got inteligence but not beauty.

  2. He is a sinner and will never excused god. For people lioke him there is no god. He will get it for what he did to his wife and Nayan.

  3. You are the reason for everything what you did for her and god just count your mistakes thts wht he do ... You just cheated her and used tht's it!!! then y r u blaming God now basted

  4. really a great dumb in the cinema by saying such things on god .....

  5. Hope your first marriage also happed by God only.But why you left her.now nayan also so pathetic.simply u playing with gals life.simply u telling like Everything Happened by God.better u go to hell.its your God desire.

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