Are Amala Paul and A.L.Vijay in Love ..The Question Remains !

Even after several reports and constant denials of We are not in Love , Amala Paul and Director A.L.Vijay did arrive as a couple in the centenary celebrations of Indian Cinema. Amala Paul was dressed up in complete traditional south-Indian style. Both were seen chatting up happily until Anuskha made a appearance and sat in a row front of them.
Amala Paul immediately went and sat next to Anushka whereas A.L.Vijay was left stranded with no one to even communicate with. It was only after Amala Paul disappeared elsewhere did A.L Vijay sit next Anushka and started a conversation. But as soon as Amala came back A.L.Vijay returned back to his original seat behind Anushka and Amala Paul.

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