Ileana D'cruz says She was Cheated Several times by her Co-star

Ileana D'cruz with Andrew
Ileana D'cruz has made successful transition from South Indian industry to the glitz and glamour of Bollywood . The actress made dream debut in blockbuster Barfi and her recent venture Phata Poster Nikla Hero with Shahid Kapoor has also been declared a decent hit. The actress in a recent interview to the Times of India was quizzed upon her previous relationship with a co-star and on the rumors of her new Australian Boyfriend Andrew.
Here is the excerpt from the interview

I was in a very serious relationship with a co-star, who I loved and trusted, but he broke my trust several times and made me feel I was not worth it. So now, I have learnt to be careful. As long as my parents know what is happening in my life, I am fine. I have nothing to hide from them. I have dated a co-star earlier and it did not work out at all. May be as actors, we are very self-obsessed and have a life that is too publicised. But, I don't think I will go that route again. I think you fall in love with the idea of dating a person you are working with. But the moment you get out of that set and you see the actual person, things change. Initially, I was commitment-phobic and felt stifled in a relationship and felt that marriage is something forced upon you by society. I feel that I can have the same level of commitment without marriage and that is why I have not made my relationship official and he does not feel the need for it either. Mentally I feel safe and reassured and am no longer skeptical about getting married. I am a dominating and free-spirited woman, and know that no one can contain me.


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