Surya and Karthi Say No to Mani Ratnam

Legendary Director Mani Ratnam has been in state of bother following back to back debacles in Ravanan and Kadal. The director has found it very difficult to even bag a decent production company for his upcoming venture. In such delicate situation the director has supposedly approached Surya and Karthi for a joint venture. Sources add Mani Ratnam even promised outright that he would ensure the movie is such a blockbuster hit that the team will have enough profit cutting the huge salaries.
But unfortunately the brothers have turned down Mani ratnam's offer despite his open promise and his offer of freedom in the dates and story aspects. It's worth mentioning that Surya debuted as Hero through Mani Ratnam production venture in Nerukku Ner and Karthi was first an assistant director to Mani ratnam before he moved into the acting field. Hope the brother reconsider this decision and the dream project does materialize.


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