Trisha's Drinking Problem

Actress in the industry are quite famous to 2 things -either they make heap loads of money with film starring alongside the biggies of the industry or wind up into a quick sabbatical with a hot shot business honcho or they are seen having a great time being single - drinking. This was true of Yesteryear actresses like the legendary Savithri and is also true of Trisha.
The Kollywood beauty has been well known for her antics at the night clubs after drinking, Trisha was recently in town once again to create some furore. The girl has not stopped being High on spirits, and was seen swooning at a popular night club in the city with other two other not so famous actresses. Trisha has indeed come a long way with success and the recent rumors of Trisha setting down in marriage, The girl still needs and very much has a spirit !!

Updated 25/09/2013 
Following the above report, Various media houses have reported on what really went down at the Drinking party. Here is the detailed report 
Trisha's drink party was at the Taj Banjara Hotel in Hyderabad where she was accompanied by actress Sangeetha and Maheswari. Though the other two actresses were on breezers, Trisha was in a league of her own and reportedly picked up quarrels with a few other in the party and also with the support staff of the hotel after which she was forcibly sent out the hotel.
Trisha has previous history of being warned by police a few years back when she held a party in middle of ECR road, Another report of Trisha completely losing her consciousness due to alcohol and being escorted to her car by the police when she last visited Park Sheraton Hotel.


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