Cold War Between Santhanam & Siva Karthikeyan !

Gossips : Cold War Between Santhanam & Siva Karthikeyan ?

Comedy Superstar Santhanam and Fast rising Star Sivakarthikeyan may have come from the same Vijay TV family but latest reports coming in suggests there is a cold war brewing between the two actors.
In the recently released Ya Ya movie, Sivakarthikeyan was initially approached to play the Mirchi Shiva role and was even paid the advance for the same. However Santhanam seems to have put out a condition that he will not act if Sivakarthikeyan acts in the movie and so heeding to Santhanam's request Mirchi Shiva was signed up to replace Sivakarthikeyan.
Even for the Raja Rani movie, the role enacted by Jai was originally intended for Sivakarthikeyan but once again Santhanam made it sure that Siva Karthikeyan was replaced by Jai.
Sources add though both actor are comedian by nature, Santhanam is unable to digest the fact that Sivakarthikeyan has made it  to Hero status. 


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