Chinmay all set for Marriage !!

Chinmayi Sripada, our southern sensation is all set to marry, Yes the lucky bridegroom is none another Rahul Ravindran the lead actor from Moscowin Kavery. The Actor has also acted in Vinmeengal and a telugu flick in Andala Rakshashi.
Sundeep Krishna the brother of Rahul Ravindran announced the wedding in his twitter account

Here is what Chinmayi had to say on Rahul Ravindran

"I actually thought I wanted to do an SRK style, full-on filmy, " am seeing Rahul, naam toh suna hi hoga" 
But I forgot at the last minute. Rahul has been a friend and as cerebral as it can be, we decided to know each other better. 
I shall eventually blog the whole story and probably I shall soon be able to write a treatise on long distance relationships and making it work 
As of now, all is well in paradise. And I am courting a wonderful man called Rahul Ravindran."


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