Thala Ajith Helps out Poor School Children

Actor Ajith Kumar has time and again proved why he is loved by masses for both his onscreen and off-screen acts. Thala recently hit the headlines once again when the news of the star gifting houses to his gardeners, cooks and other domestic staffs spread onto the net. Here is yet another incident where Ajith the human being has blown away his fans with his deeds.
Since this is a time for schools to reopen, various actors normally print their pictures in school notebooks and distribute those books among poor school children but Ajith is one person who doesn't seek publicity for those acts. Ajith seems to called his manager and enquired on total number of students in Government school at RA Puram where his office is located. Then Ajith seems to have placed order for notebook with high quality paper and distributed it to the students which sources report amounted to 17 lakhs.
Ajith recently disbanded a "STARAJITH" a fan based site which was responsible for starting of trends in twitter.


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