After Calling Jilla & Veeram as Flops, Keyar now hits out against Actors !

Keyar, The head of Tamil Films Producer Council who recently called Vijay's Jilla and Ajith's Veeram as flops has now hit out against some Kollywood actors. Keyar who spoke at the Snehavin Kadhalargal audio launch said there are some actors in the industry who without understanding reality demand huge pay cheques.

Keyar however did not reveal the names of the actors, He blasted out at the actors stating they didn't even care for the producers and added there were even some actors who aren't aware of anything that's happening in the outside world. He went to add that those actors don't even know how to book train tickets or find their way to Airport but these actor just make it a point to increase their salary alone.

Keyar also recalled an incident where a director approached a popular actor to act in his movie and after hearing the story the actor gave his nod saying the story was fantastic and will commence the movie soon, The director however said to the actor that Sir a movie with the same story had just released last month and flopped tremendously. Keyar said this incident just showed how aware today's actors are in the current world.


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