Lakshmi Rai reveals her Marriage Plans and talks about Controversies !

South Siren Actress Lakshmi Rai who is most wanted heroine in industry found some time to a have a chit-chat with The Times of India, Here are some excerpts from the interview 

Are you open to doing items numbers and intimate or steamy scenes in films?
If the role demands I have no qualms in doing so. But if the scenes are just to add masala to the film or to attract the audience, then I won't do it. I am not here for business, acting is my passion and so I am doing it. I want to do justice to the roles I do or else people will make fun of me. Mistakes have happened in the past, but you learn from your errors and I am carefully selecting my projects now.

What are your upcoming projects?
There is Arabian Safari by Sanjeev Sivan in Malayalam, but the project got postponed due to many reasons. They are working on it and it may go on floors after two to three months. I have few projects pending in Tamil too. Last year, most of my projects got delayed due to date issues with other stars. Most of the films that I have signed up have family-oriented subjects.

The shoot of Aranmanai, a Tamil horror comedy, is presently in progress. There is another film, Irumbu Kuthirai, where I play a biker. I have a fascination for bikes and used to ride one during my schooldays. I have met with accidents too. I know the basics, just need to brush it up once again for the movie. If they give me a sports bike, it would be different; I am eagerly waiting for the project to take-off. I'm being choosy as I just can't do all the roles that come my way.

Any Bollywood projects in the pipeline?
Before you step into any industry, there is lot of homework to be done. And so I am doing my homework now. I have lost oodles of weight.

Is marriage on the cards any sooner?
Marriage may happen in the near future, but at present, I am concentrating on my career. And if my marriage happens, why hide it. I definitely want to get married.

There have been several controversies about your links-ups with cricket stars.
News about me is news to me. Even if I chose to be secretive I can't be. I have never reacted to these controversies unless it affects me. As long as these rumours don't affect me, I don't touch it. All these rumours confuse the public and sometimes it is a fun journey. If somebody enjoys reading these gossips then let them enjoy. As time passes, truth will definitely speak.


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