When a Kollywood film almost landed this Heroine in Jail !

Bollywood Actress Rakul Preet Singh who is currently playing the female lead in Gautham Karthick's Yennamo Yedho was detained by the CISF at the Delhi domestic airport for carrying a bullet in her laptop bag on Saturday. After the bullet was examined, the actress was told that it was an 8mm bullet, which is not found in India and was immediately taken to Delhi's domestic airport police station for four hours and totally grilled about the bullet. 

"I started panicking, sweating and crying, My dad is in the army, so I called him and asked if the bullet was his, since he has a licensed arm. But he told me that in India we don't make arms like that. The CISF guys started using legal jargon and mentioning terms like international crime, etc. My father came down, but there was so much confusion. First the cops couldn't figure out if the bullet was live or dead.When they finally figured that it was dead, there was the question of how I came to possess it. I was so panicky that I had completely blocked out my window of thought. I had come back from Bangkok two days ago and since they said that the bullet is not made in India, I started wondering if someone had slipped it into my bag,"

"It's only later that the cops figured out that the bullet was dead and actually a fake one. It's when I started really jogging my brain that I remembered that the bullet was from one of my shoots. In one of my Tamil films, I had used a revolver and it was a toy bullet from that. I had taken it as a keepsake and it had been in my bag for over eight months. But I was so shaken by then that I didn't know how to react. The bullet was all plastic inside. After that the cops let me go and told me to send them a DVD of the film in which I had used it,Thankfully the nightmare ended and I boarded a flight to Mumbai soon."


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