Ajith, Vijay, Surya or Vikram ? Devi Sri Prasad Reveals his Favourite

Music Director Devi Sri Prasad who has composed music for all leading stars of Kollywood in Vijay, Ajith, Vikram and Surya recently opened up on the experience on working with these stars to a popular FM channel.
Here is the interview 

You have composed Music for Ajith, Vijay, Surya and Vikram films, for which the star was composing background music really challenging ?

All the four are really Mass heroes, I really worked hard and gave my best BGM for all the actors, But i was really afraid to compose for Ajith Sir because his one word, one walk or one look would make the entire theatre to erupt, After Rajini Sir, only Ajith sir has this effect.
So you can't just like that compose BGM for Ajith Sir movies, I have to compose the utmost mass music only then will his fans be at least lil' bit satisfied, Because of this every scene of sir i was very afraid and it was with this fear i composed.
Specially that Train sequence, Ajith sir put his life online and walked away from that scene with ease, But i realized that sir has taken risk no one else would taken and hence if i even slightly fail in BGM then i can't show my face to the outside world, it was with this fear that i composed.
Moreover Ajith Sir's recent releases all had amazing BGM's, Even on the night on Veeram's release i watched Mankatha movie, the BGM in the movie was absolutely rocking and my fear started growing even more. But after i saw Veeram in theatre, Every scene of Ajith Sir was filled with whistles and then realized my music has also come up very well and was i was very happy indeed.

If all the four actors movie came up at the same time, for which Actor would you compose First ?

Definitely Ajith's Sir movie. The reason, if we show mass it will reach correctly, I really want to score music for Ajith's sir movie again.


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