Salman Khan's Controversial Comment on A.R.Rahman !

The King of Controversy Salman Khan has done it yet again, at the the Launch of A.R.Rahman's Raunaq there was hostile interaction between Salman and A.R.R.
The dabaang hero made a late entrance mid-way to the event and got on the podium and praised 48 Year old actor Sibal and said "Kapil sir is a great lyricist."

Salman's next comment on ARR however led to all new controversy, "You all know what an average artist Rahman is. Right?" said Salman and immediately the ever-present smile on Rahman's face vanished.

Thanks to Rahman's evident displeasure, Salman quickly tried to salvage the situation saying, "There are only two things in common between him and me, which is Jai Ho." Rahman did not look impressed by Salman's feeble attempt at humour.

Salman then proceeded to request Rahman to work with him. "Hamaare saath kab kaam karoge yaar?" he asked. Rahman maintained a poker face.

A few minutes later, Salman stretched out his hand to the much-respected music director, but not before bragging that he (Salman) is the best person to inaugurate the music album. Rahman did not reciprocate the gesture and kept his hand glued to his side. Moments later, the two posed for pictures with Sibal where Rahman tried to present a cheerful face for the media.

According to an eyewitness present at the event, too much should not be read into Salman's statements. "That's his sense of humour. As for Rahman not stretching out his hand, Salman was standing adjacent to him so it is possible that he didn't see the gesture," he reasoned.

However, another source agreed, "what happened was definitely not in good taste".

Rahman had earlier shot off a legal notice to Salman for using the title Jai Ho, claiming that he had exclusive copyright over the term. Rahman however later gave his NOC, which facilitated the release of the film. Perhaps it was that past altercation over the title name that prompted Salman to be little cheeky with AR Rahman on stage.

*Source- The Times of India 


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