Kidnap Attempt on this Actress ?

Popular actress Divya Spandana or Kuthu Ramya as she is known in Kollywood is currently in trouble due to a poster advertised by Kannada Kannada filmmaker Huchcha Venkat.

In a newspaper advertisement published on February 14, Venkat announced his latest movie titled Huchcha Venkat ( Mad Venkat). The Kannada wordings of the advertisement read: " Ramya, why don't you understand my feelings? I don't know whether you will accept my love. Next week, I will abduct you and marry you in Banashankari temple ( Bangalore). I want to see who has the courage to stop me." 

The advertisement further said that the movie is being jointly produced by his parents ( Lakshman and Gowramma) and " my wife" ( Ramya) and " my mother- in- law Ranjitha" ( Ramya's mother).

The report prepared by the police department observed that it was incorrect on part of the film director to use the names of popular public figures and elected representatives in an advertisement without their consent.
"As the advertisement threatens to abduct and forcibly marry Ramya, it is a cognisable offence. It is intimidating and defamatory," the legal opinion said.

Ramya, one of the top- most Kannada actresses, has now made a successful transition into politics by joining the Congress.

*Source - Indiatoday


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