Soori Saves Thambi Ramaiah's Life !

Comedy Actor Soori turned out to a real life hero by saving his co-star Thambi Ramaiah's life. This incident happened during the shoot of Our Oorla Rendu Raja starring Vemal, Priya Anand, Soori and Thambi Ramaiah. The crew were shooting a chasing sequence where Vemal had to drive the car at maximum speed for a certain distance and then stop it near a lake after which Vemal, Sorri and Priya Anand and Thambi Ramaiah had get out the vehicle and start running.

While the scene was being shot, the car which still had Thambi Ramaiah in it unexpectedly started to move on its own, Priya Anand who noticed it immediately alerted the crew and Soori ran towards the car, jumped in and applied the brakes at the right time or else the car with Thambi Ramaiah would have fallen into the river.
We salute the sheer bravery by Soori !!


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