When A.R.Rahman did not like Vairamuthu's Lyric and Vairamuthu did not like Rahman's Tune !

A.R.Rahman and Vairamuthu conjure up magic every time they collaborate, The oscar winning composer and the legendary lyricist are a pair made in musical heaven. Vairamuthu in a recent interview revealed how the magical duo have arguments and how they sort it out.

Vairamuthu said he believed Arguments to be healthy as long they are productive, He recalled an intresting incident during Ratchagan time where A.R.Rahman wasn't very happy with his lyrics of "Chandirani Thottadhu Yaar, Armstrong a" as he felt the word Armstrong was too strong and didn't suit the tune, "I felt differently and that was probably our biggest disagreement and we decided finally to leave it to the singer (Hariharan) who did a beautiful job to blend the lyric to the tune".

Vairamuthu also recalled another incident when he wasn't happy with Rahman's tune, "When Rahman came up with Ooh La La tune for Minasara Kanavu movie i did not like the tune and i told A.R.Rahman and the director (Rajiv Menon) that i would not write lyrics for that tune. However they forced me into doing it and i did halfheartedly and the song went on win a National Award"

Vairamuthu also revealed how they would fix the difference, After an argument, I go straight to Rahman's house, Sit on the swing and have cup of tea while Rahman would mockingly enquire Kavignar Tea Sapudarara ? and with that one question our difference would all vanish !!


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