Who was the Voted the Best Kisser in Bollywood ?

With kissing scenes being almost necessary in Bollywood films these days, A leading daily conducted a poll to find out Bollywood's Best Serial Kisser. Here are the results.

Deepika Padukone surprisingly beat the original serial kisser of Bollywood – Emraan Hashmi, and emerged as the winner by acquiring maximum votes.The sexy actress won the poll hands down by bagging 386 votes, which is over 23 percent of the total votes. The second position was claimed by Mr Hashmi, who got 370 votes, which is about 22 percent.

Ranbir Kapoor came in third position with 251 votes (15 percent). On the fourth position, there was Ranveer Singh, who had acquired 226 votes, which is about 13 percent of the total votes. Sunny Leone bagged the fifth position by winning only 161 votes (9 percent). 


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