Actress Gayathri Runs away from Shooting Spot After Being Slapped

The movie Pon Malai Pozhudhu has been in the making for quite a well now, in the recent press meet which was held for the movie , Actor Arul Dass who plays the antagonist role in the movie apologized to the heroine Gayathiri of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Konnam fame for slapping her.
Yes Arul Dass who plays Gaythiri father in the movie was supposed to enact a scene where he slaps her for not listening to her , however when the shot was filmed , the slap which which was supposed to be enacted actually landed very heavily on Gaythiri face, who unable to bear the pain, ran away from the spots with hands on her cheeks. However the crew later consoled Gayathiri and everything was sorted out.
Arul Dass took the press meet as a chance to apologize to the heroine.


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