Ilayathalapathy Birthday Special Article

Fans here is a Ilayathalapathy Vijay Birthday Special Article which was sent to us a by a Thalabathy Veriyan  George Anderson who says Vijay is His Life...

Happy birthday Thalaivaa!
For the past two decades, the man has been celebrated , adored and worshiped by millions not just without any reason, and to mention particular is very hard though. The day which millions of the fans have been waiting for has NOW came ! It is our beloved thalaivar vijay's birthday. We can see the smile that is worth of thousand good moments in the face of poor people as well as the god's children . ILAYATHALAPATHY Vijay , simply entered into cinema without the so-called requirements that are listed these days, hardly he was believed by producers and directors when he made his entry. Not many supports from industry and people as well, and the hard work he took over, the insults he faced, lack of genuine support and tips from senior artist he got everything could not stop this man.. if he had lost his belief on his motive, confidence on himself, and got low self esteem, he would have just stopped acting with just that first one film and continued his education in a roll.
And tamil cinema would've not seen the greatest entertainer now. But all he did at that tough moment was simply amazing and set a great example for all the battling youngsters today. He worked round-a-clock on the departments he lacked and trained himself to better in the skills that movies expect from an actor.. and got his golden egg laid soon after a couple of films..
All we hear about him from people is, vijay a best dancer, the great entertainer and the good actor.. in all the three formats he has been whistling around the top chair and now a days its a matter of complex to survive in the field and get the attention of public because of the reason SO MANY newbies enter and SO MANY films made around these days as they all directly proportional to the competition among each other. Let Whatever the films be made, whoever gives the entry, this man never failed to grab the attention of public and has been on the success with 100% consistency on HITS! Most of his peers(called by people) LACK the very same success and consistency that Ilayathalapathy has now. And never denying the fact, that because of the previous statement, Fans of vijay's peers think their whole life to pull or stop vijay's unstoppable success. But, vijay remains cool, composed and calm and hits when he gets the opportunity answering the sadistic souls with his films back to back.
Vijay's welfare activities have been so special in the state. If we look in carefully, vijay is the only actor who does welfare not just on the occasions but on all the seasons only for the reason - he wants to notice the joy in the face of indigent people.
And recently, he felt worried, when his plan of mass welfare activities cost around 1 crore was stopped by some fringed groups! 
Ilayathalapathy rocks the heart of all kind of people be it children, young or old.
Be it male or female , he has fans that is countless and every nook and corner of the city across the globe.
On his birthday, as fans we are responsibled to do our customs and get into the path that layed by Vijay and all he wants us to do is, Step into the world of welfare to Provide the food, clothes and all the necessities of life for the indigent people and see the smile in their faces..
This day, i forget all my routine works and likes to spend whole for vijay and the welfare jobs.
Like me, the bunch of devoted fans are doing various good things on behalf of vijay in their own places.. I feel great myself when i think that I'm a devoted fan of a GREATEST HUMAN BEING!!
We call this day, a world welfare day!!! And,
we wish you all a fantastic Happy Birthday Thalaivaa!!
Long live with happiest and healthiest life and so will be the indigent people and all your FANS!!


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