Nazriya Nazim condemned by Producers Council

The Heartthrob Nazriya Nazim following her success in Neram is the hottest heroine in K'Town has been condemned by the Producers Council after she messed up her call sheet.
Nazriya Nazim had allocated her call sheet to Arya's Raja Rani and hence all the shooting arrangements were made and crew and cast were waiting for Nazriya's arrival, However Nazriya never came and hence the producer A.R Murugadoss who was informed of the situation was rather furious at the heroine for not honoring her commitments and the shooting being halted and hence filed an complaint in Producers Council.  When enquired it to came to light that Nazriya was actually shooting for Dhanush's Nayaandi on the same date and hence the confusion.
Following the complaint, Producers Council managers called up Nazriya and her manager for query, and here is what P.L.Thenappan spoke on their regard.
"The Reason for confusion is that Nazriya Nazim had allocated her call sheet to both Nayaandi and Raja Rani on the same date. We condemned her for causing confusion, we have made her allocate her call-sheet equally for both movies."


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