When Sonam Kapoor Wanted to Marry a Guy like Dhanush

Dhanush's Bollywood dream would face the acid test tomorrow, As Raanjhnaa is all set for release. Dhanush tweeted in the regard saying "Raanjhanaa from Tom in theatres near you. I tried to do my best. Hope u guys will like the film".
Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor have indeed shared a great rapport on and off screen, Dhanush has stated several times that Sonam really helped him out in regarding the right pronunciation of the Hindi Language and so on. Sonam has also been very kind in showering appreciation for Dhanush. Here are some excerpts from various Sonam Kapoor Interviews on Dhanush.

"For me Dhanush is the Raanjhnaa, No one can be like him, he is so innocent and sweet. My dad was just talking about Dhanush, how good he was in the film, how he has acted and so on, when i asked him about my acting, he said you are also good and again started talking about Dhanush."

Sonam went on to say that in real life too , she would love to have someone like Dhanush in her life.

"I think there are no good boys in Bombay...I think i will have to go to Tamil Nadu to find a guy for me, Anytime i fall i love i feel it's a first time. I have had no successful love story yet. I hope i will succeed next time when i fall in love."


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